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Rust for Filesystems HN
We saved $5k a month with a single Grafana query HN
Using S3 as a Container Registry HN
AWS Secrets Manager Agent HN
The economics of a Postgres free tier HN
Capturing Linux SSL/TLS plaintext without a CA certificate using eBPF HN
How to Survive 3 Years in North Korea as a Foreigner HN
The Typeset of Wall·E HN
Changes to Stripe Billing HN
Turbopuffer: Fast search on object storage HN
Gleam v1.3.0 – Auto-imports and tolerant expressions HN
Rye: A Hassle-Free Python Experience HN
How we tamed Node.js event loop lag: a deepdive HN
Synchronization Is Bad for Scale HN
DevOps Isn't Dead, but It's Not in Great Health Either HN
Developing Inside a Container HN
Why AI Infrastructure Startups Are Insanely Hard to Build HN
It's not just you, Next.js is getting harder to use HN
DevOps: The Funeral HN
A Eulogy for DevOps HN
Adding parallel evaluation to Nix L
gRPC: The Bad Parts HN
OpenAI Acquires Multi HN
CRIU, a project to implement checkpoint/restore functionality for Linux HN
Cloudflare Connectivity Issues in Eastern US and Central Europe HN
Making Serverless Orchestration 25x Faster HN
8 days downtime: Cloudflare r2 subscription bug ruins my business HN
Brew-Nix: a flake automatically packaging all homebrew casks HN
Show HN: Restate – Low-latency durable workflows for JavaScript/Java, in Rust HN
Elixir 1.17 released: set-theoretic types in patterns, durations, OTP 27 HN
A new map of medieval London HN
Exploring Gleam, a type-safe language on the BEAM HN
microVM infrastructure using low-latency memory decompression L
Show HN: OSS Auth0 Alternative Ory Kratos Now with Full PassKey Support HN
Memories of an Enron Summer HN
Feature flags in Bazel builds HN
We Improved the Performance of a Userspace TCP Stack in Go by 5X HN
We improved the performance of a userspace TCP stack in Go HN
In defence of swap: common misconceptions HN
GitHub now provides Arm-based runners HN
Arm64 on GitHub Actions HN
Ask HN: How to bring traffic to my product HN
Show HN: Brioche – A new Nix-like package manager HN
DuckDB 1.0.0 HN
ht: Headless Terminal HN
Multi-Tenant Authorization with Zenstack HN
Orion – From idea to launch in 45 days HN
Zig's new CLI progress bar explained HN
Caddy 2.8 HN
Kino: Pro Video Camera HN
Ask HN: Can a website kill my internet connection? (WebRTC) HN
Cloudflare has become a pig butchering scam but legal [video] HN
CedarDB: German-Powered, PostgreSQL-Compatiable Freak of Nature Database System HN
How we enabled ARM64 VMs HN
Rootless Docker in a multi-user environment HN
Show HN: Porter Cloud – PaaS with an eject button HN
Making EC2 boot time faster HN
Magic UI: UI Library for Design Engineers HN
S3 is showing its age HN
Stripe's monorepo developer environment L
State of Sandboxing in Linux L
Backblaze Scales Storage Cloud HN
Ask HN: Why do you all think that Htmx is such a recent development? HN
Ask HN: Video streaming is expensive yet YouTube "seems" to do it for free. How? HN
Ask HN: SaaS Subscription or Usage-Based Pricing? HN
Jepsen: Datomic Pro 1.0.7075 HN
Mike Krieger: I've joined AnthropicAI as their Chief Product Officer HN
Show HN: Open-source BI and analytics for engineers HN
The new APT 3.0 solver HN
Optimizing ClickHouse: Tactics that worked for us HN
My VM is lighter (and safer) than your container HN
Add sysctl to disable Nagle's algorithm (RFC 896 – Congestion Control) HN
Using ARG in a Dockerfile – beware the gotcha HN
Avoiding the soft delete anti-pattern HN
Flatcar: OS Innovation with Systemd-Sysext HN
Show HN: A web debugger an ex-Cloudflare team has been working on for 4 years HN
Protobuf Editions are here: don't panic HN
It's always TCP_NODELAY HN
Show HN: Ellipsis – Automated PR reviews and bug fixes HN
It's not about “Flakes vs. Channels” L
Modern SQLite: Generated columns L
Encore: Distributed systems runtime for TypeScript, written in Rust HN
Inclusive Sans, a text font designed for accessibility and readability L Infra log: week-by-week record of what the team does HN
Show HN: Peerdb Streams – Simple, native Postgres change data capture HN
A fourteen-day free trial ain’t gonna cut it HN
Lix is a modern, delicious implementation of the Nix package manager HN
Take a look at Traefik, even if you don't use containers HN
Building Containers from Scratch: Layers HN
OpenAI Bought HN
Deno KV internals: building a database for the modern web L
Snowflake's tech is not worth $50B dollars HN
Ask HN: How do people create those sleek looking demos for startups? HN
New startup sells coffee through SSH HN
Container Runtime Interface streaming explained
Borgo is a statically typed language that compiles to Go HN
Rabbit R1: Barely Reviewable [video] HN
How an empty S3 bucket can make your AWS bill explode HN an alternative to the Nix ecosystem L
GitHub Copilot Workspace: Copilot-native developer environment HN
Tiered storage won't fix Kafka HN
Show HN: Docker-phobia: Analyze Docker image size with a treemap HN
Common DB schema change mistakes in Postgres HN
Software Supply Chain Security HN
Gems of Tailwind CSS HN
Optimizing your programs for Arm platforms HN
A Logic Language for Distributed SQL Queries HN
The Stainless SDK Generator HN
Double Edged Sword of Docker: Balancing Benefits and Risks L
What it was like going through YC W24 HN
Some Volumes Were Slow and We Figured Out Why HN
Ask HN: What software sparks joy when using? HN
Caching secrets of the HTTP elders, part 1 HN
Effect 3.0 L
Launching Distributed Authorization HN
Distributed Authorization HN
Product-Market Fit Isn't a Black Box – A New Framework to Help B2B Founders HN
IPv6 for the Remotely Interested HN
Sandboxing All the Things with Flatpak and BubbleBox HN
Iran launches drone attack against Israel HN
The Arc Product-Market Fit Framework HN
Lessons after a Half-billion GPT Tokens HN
Ten Years and Counting: My Affair with Microservices HN
DwarFS – Deduplicating Warp-Speed Advanced Read-Only File System HN
The Open Secret about Confidential Computing HN
Google Axion Processors – Arm-based CPUs designed for the data center HN
Building a Managed Postgres Service in Rust HN
Architecture decisions in Neon, a serverless Postgres service HN
Rpgp: Pure Rust implementation of OpenPGP HN
Show HN: I open-sourced the in-memory PostgreSQL I built at work for E2E tests HN
Nix – A One Pager HN
My favorite button on the internet HN
HashiCorp: OpenTofu was not respecting the terms of its BSL license HN
Infrastructure as Code Is Not the Answer – By Luke Shaughnessy HN
OpenTelemetry Is Too Complicated, VictoriaMetrics Says HN
Features I wish PostgreSQL had as a developer HN
Postgres locks explorer HN
Vercel: Improved Infrastructure Pricing HN
Developers, what marketing strategies work on you? HN
Show HN: Managed GitHub Actions Runners for AWS HN
How we Built a 19 PiB Logging Platform with ClickHouse and Saved Millions L
Show HN: Goralim - a rate limiting pkg for Go to handle distributed workloads HN
Data Flow Analysis for Go L
NixOS is not reproducible L
Python Cloudflare Workers HN
KraftCloud HN
Unikraft Launches KraftCloud: Never Pay for Idle Again HN
Landlock: Unprivileged Access Control HN
About the outage on March 7, 2024 HN
PHP: In light of xz backdoor, consider removing autogenerated files from release HN
We are under DDoS attack and we do nothing HN
Bpfman: An eBPF Manager HN
Do you really need Kubernetes? HN
Radicle: Peer-to-Peer Collaboration with Git HN
Overlay Networks Based on WebRTC HN
Beware Scaling on AWS in Early Days HN
How Radicle Works Under the Hood HN
The What, Why and How of Containers HN
Podman 5.0 has been released HN
`async: false` is the worst HN
Elixir's Impact: Shaping the Evolution of Erlang HN
Nix at Scale HN
Speeding up Azure development by not using Terraform HN
SPQR 1.3.0: a production-ready system for horizontal scaling of PostgreSQL HN
Turbocall – Just-in-time compiler for Deno FFI HN
Build time is a collective responsibility HN
D2 Playground HN
Oxide Cloud Computer. No Cables. No Assembly. Just Cloud HN
Ntex: Powerful, pragmatic, fast framework for composable networking services HN
Nix The Planet L
Pack: A New Container Format for Compressed Files HN
Tackling Tail Latency with eBPF HN
Redis License Changed HN
I Improved My Rust Compile Times HN
Build System Schism: The Curse Of Meta Build Systems L
Stardew Valley 1.6 Changelog HN
Fault tolerance and resilience patterns for Go HN
Show HN: Causal 2.0 – Modern Financial Planning for Startups HN
Inversion: Fast, Reliable Structured LLMs HN
Xata, a new serverless Postgres platform HN
Homepage Design: 5 Fundamental Principles HN
Ask HN: Books that gave you different perspective on religion HN
Hathora's Bare Metal Journey HN
Nix is a better Docker image builder than Docker's image builder HN
IAM Is the Worst HN
Programs written in Golang have no secrets HN
More powerful Go execution traces HN
Nanos – A Unikernel HN
S3 as the universal infrastructure backend L
Show HN: Flox 1.0 – Open-source dev env as code with Nix HN
JIT WireGuard HN
S3 is files, but not a filesystem HN
Claude Sonnet and Pi AI give exact same response to a prompt HN
Show HN: dockerc – Docker image to static executable "compiler" HN
The End of HN
Linux kernel security tunables everyone should consider adopting
Nuke: A memory arena implementation for Go HN
Show HN: Workflow Orchestrator in Golang HN
Gleam Version 1 HN
The hater's guide to Kubernetes HN
Scaleway launches RISC-V servers HN
How to convert Node.js stream callback functions into an Async Iterator HN
How To Build AWS-Compatible APIs: AWS Sigv4 L
Pql, a pipelined query language that compiles to SQL (written in Go) HN
Pingora: HTTP Server and Proxy Library, in Rust, by Cloudflare, Released HN
Pingora: build fast, reliable and programmable networked systems HN
Testcontainers HN
Software Infrastructure 2.0: A Wishlist HN
Bpftop: Streamlining eBPF performance optimization HN
Reducing our AWS bill by $100k HN
Multi – Multiplayer Collaboration for macOS HN
Disillusioned with Deno HN
Building a Scheduler with Resource Requirements HN
Building a scheduler with resource requirements HN
Resend – Incident report for February 21st, 2024 HN
Building a Scheduler L
SN Pro Typeface HN
Auth0 OSS alternative Ory Kratos now with passwordless and SMS support HN
Webhooks suck, but here are alternatives HN
How the open source Caddy server uses Grafana Cloud for full-stack observability HN
Remix Vite Is Now Stable HN
Readyset: A MySQL and Postgres wire-compatible caching layer HN
SSDs have become fast, except in the cloud HN
Writing a scheduler for Linux in Rust that runs in user-space HN
Stonelifting Etiquette HN
How to debug your initramfs init L
How to make a better default Firefox UI HN
The Logitech G Cloud HN
Software infrastructure 2.0: a wishlist L
Tempo L
Revolutionizing PostgreSQL Schema Changes with pg-osc HN
Basic proxy implementation using io_uring HN
From 1s to 4ms L
Nebula is not the fastest mesh VPN, but neither are the others HN
Show HN: macOS-cross-compiler – Compile binaries for macOS on Linux HN
Dependency solving in Nix L
Holepunch Unveils P2P Platform "Pear Runtime" HN
Show HN: Natural Language to SQL "Text-to-SQL" API HN
YC: Requests for Startups HN
We sped up time series by 20-30x HN Has GPUs Now HN
Switching from S3 to Tigris on HN
systemd by Example (2021) HN
The Erlang Runtime System HN
OpenZFS bug reports for native encryption HN
What it was like working for Gitlab HN
How much 1 TB of egress costs by cloud provider HN
Hono v4.0.0 HN
Almost every infrastructure decision I endorse or regret HN
LLRT: A low-latency JavaScript runtime from AWS HN
VirtualBox KVM Public Release HN
Context Control in Go HN
Rebuilding Netflix's video processing pipeline with microservices HN
When "letting it crash" is not enough HN
Unison Cloud HN
SQLite Isn't Enough HN
TechCrunch+ Termination HN
Apple to EU: "Go fuck yourself" HN
BuildKit in depth: Docker's build engine explained HN
How we got fine-tuning Mistral-7B to not suck HN
Weaveworks Is Shuting Down HN
Show HN: Natural-SQL-7B, a strong text-to-SQL model HN
Deno in 2023 HN
Folk Computer HN
Make Invalid States Unrepresentable HN
Macaroons Escalated Quickly HN
Introducing Foundations - our open source Rust service foundation library L
Proton, a fast and lightweight alternative to Apache Flink HN
Show HN: Open-source x64 and Arm GitHub runners. Reduces GitHub Actions bill 10x HN
Show HN: Open-source x64 and Arm GitHub runners HN
The Big Little Guide to Message Queues HN
Meta AI releases Code Llama 70B HN
Just HN
Garry Tan tech CEO and campaign donor wishes death upon SF politicians HN
Hello IPv6: a minimal tutorial for IPv4 users HN
Oasis – a small, statically-linked Linux system HN
We build X.509 chains so you don't have to HN
Good DevEx increases productivity. Here is the data HN
Post-Serverless Era Trends HN
CLI tool, written in Rust, to diff directory snapshots HN
Cutting down AWS cost by $150k per year simply by shutting things off HN
Should I Open Source my Company? HN
The size of abacklog is inversely proportional to how often we talk to customers HN
Sourcehut network outage post-mortem HN
How a 27-year-old busted the myth of Bitcoin’s anonymity
Systemd: Enable Indefinite Service Restarts HN
Cloudflare R2-Backed Nix Binary Cache on HN
Meta's serverless platform processing trillions of function calls a day (2023) HN
Apple built iCloud to store billions of databases HN
Willow Protocol HN
Post-mortem for last week's incident at Kagi HN
A NetBSD/amd64 guest can now boot in 40ms L
Going declarative on macOS with Nix and Nix-Darwin HN
Slashing Data Transfer Costs in AWS by 99% HN
NixOS: Declarative Builds and Deployments HN
Skiff: Various Privacy Failures HN
Project Bluefin: an immutable, developer-focused, Cloud-native Linux HN
The Ultimate Docker Cheat Sheet HN
Exploring Podman: A More Secure Docker Alternative HN
Triplit: Open-source DB that syncs data between server and browser in real-time HN
AWS Libcrypto for Rust HN
Exploring Podman: A More Secure Docker Alternative L
CLI user experience case study HN
Statement regarding the ongoing Sourcehut outage HN
A Love Letter to Tinkerable Software HN
Ask HN: How can I make local dev with containers hurt less? HN
Removing data transfer fees when moving off Google Cloud HN
Exploring the Gleam FFI HN
DynamoDB Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL L
Metahead – An enterprise-grade, Git-based metarepo HN
British Post Office Scandal HN
Ibogaine banishes PTSD, small study finds HN
Linux 6.8 Network Optimizations Can Boost TCP Performance by ~40% HN
Rabbit: LLM-First Mobile Phone HN
Flakes aren't real and cannot hurt you: using Nix flakes the non-flake way HN
Discord Serves 15M Users on One Server HN
Today we celebrate by announcing that Elixir is a gradually typed language HN
Elixir is now a gradually typed language HN
Dive: A tool for exploring a Docker image, layer contents and more HN
Adventures of Linux Userspace at Meta L
Optimizing the unoptimizable: a journey to faster C++ compile times HN
Sentry new TOS to use data to train AI with no opt-out HN
Modern Java/JVM Build Practices HN
Go: What we got right, what we got wrong HN
How Open ID Connect Works HN
Performance Benchmarks of Cloud Virtual Machines L
Gvisor: Application Kernel for Containers HN
Blueprint health protocol – Bryan Johnson (founder braintree/Venmo) HN
Blueprint health protocol HN
Displaying Content as a Graph HN
Ant Completes Process of Removing Jack Ma's Control HN
Bazzite – a SteamOS-like OCI image for desktop, living room, and handheld PCs HN
O(1) Build File HN
Mazzle – A Pipelines as Code Tool HN
Mazzle – A pipelines as code tool HN
Asking your customers what they want doesn't work HN
Tracking developer build times to decide if the M3 MacBook is worth upgrading HN
Using Alpine can make Python Docker builds 50× slower HN
Lode Runner (HTML5 Remake) HN
37C3 Video List HN
You've just been fucked by psyops [video] HN
FUSE-T is a kext-less implementation of FUSE for macOS that uses NFSv4 HN
Show HN: – compiler that turns Justfiles into portable shell scripts HN
Obsidian 1.5 Desktop (Public) HN
The life and death of open source companies HN
If only someone told me this before my first startup HN
Hbomberguy didn't want to make that 4-hour plagiarism video HN
Otter, Fastest Go in-memory cache based on S3-FIFO algorithm HN
Paul Biggar removed from CircleCI board for pro-Palestine blog post HN
How Pinterest scaled HN
How I Obtained a Business Manager Visa in Japan HN
What Is OIDC? HN
Deep Cloning Objects in JavaScript, the Modern Way HN
WASM Container Orchestration with Visual Flows HN
Cisco to acquire Isovalent HN
eBPF Networking Techniques – Packet Redirection HN
How to Escape a Container HN
Netlify's disingenuous survey-based attack on Next.js (and eleventy, too) HN
Trying chDB, an embeddable ClickHouse engine HN
Show HN: Wave – Modern Open-Source Terminal (macOS and Linux) HN
Did the cloud made us over-engineer some systems that could have been simpler? HN
Jepsen: MySQL 8.0.34 HN
Application Traffic with eBPF HN
Fly Kubernetes HN
Behind the scenes scaling ChatGPT and the OpenAI APIs [video] - Eng Mgr @ OpenAI HN
Maybe We Don’t Need UUIDv7 After All L
S3 Express One Zone, not quite what I hoped for HN
SSH3: SSHv2 using HTTP/3 and QUIC HN
Show HN: I've built a MySQL proxy that supports online DDL HN
Mfio – Completion I/O for Rust HN
NixOS has one fatal flaw HN
We clone a running VM in 2 seconds HN
Mitchell reflects as he departs HashiCorp HN
Ubiquiti showing other users' consoles HN
Biscuit Authorization HN
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS will enable frame pointers by default HN
Edge Functions: Node and native NPM compatibility HN
Trying chDB, an embeddable ClickHouse engine L
Epic vs. Google: Google Loses HN
John Carmack and John Romero reunited to talk DOOM on its 30th Anniversary HN
Trippy – A Network Diagnostic Tool HN
Terraform module for scalable GitHub action runners on AWS HN
HashiCorp Vault Forked into OpenBao HN
Show HN: WarpBuild – x86-64 and arm GitHub Action runners for 30% faster builds HN
Choose your own IP HN
Spotlight: Sentry for Development HN
Rethinking Serverless with Flame HN
Nix Super L
Switch off bad TV settings HN
Writing a file system from scratch in Rust HN
Adding Build Provenance to Homebrew HN
Clang now makes binaries an original Pi B+ can't run HN
Show HN: Fluvio – Distributed stream processing system written in Rust and WASM HN
JSON Web Proofs HN
Ask HN: What are some unpopular technologies you wish people knew more about? HN
Easy to use OpenID Connect client and server library written for Go HN
GCP Incidents HN
I never got a response after Google assured me that they'd do a full retro HN
SQLSync – Stop Building Databases HN
Easy Stable Diffusion XL in your device, offline HN
How pgroll works under the hood L
In OpenZFS and Btrfs, everyone was just guessing HN
Easily deploy SaaS products with new Quick Launch in AWS Marketplace
Llamafile lets you distribute and run LLMs with a single file HN
Reddit Sans HN
Deno Cron HN
An ex-Googler's guide to dev tools (2020) HN
Darling: Run macOS Software on Linux HN
The Curse of Docker HN
Fat OCI images are a cultural problem HN
Zero-Downtime Live Migration of Stateful VMs on Kubernetes L
Dockerfile ARG footgun L
@fastify/vite: Titans Combined L
BBC Outage HN
I discovered caching CDNs were throttling my everyday browsing HN
Streamlining CI/CD Pipelines with Code HN
Easylkb: Easy Linux Kernel Builder HN
Sam Altman, Greg Brockman and others to join Microsoft HN
Trap and test AWS SES emails locally HN
The Inter font family version 4.0 HN
Terraform Cloud Pricing Changes Sticker Shock HN
Berkeley Mono Typeface HN
Show HN: Etcha – Infinite scale, serverless config management HN
Practical nil panic detection for Go HN
An automatic indexing system for Postgres HN
Neat GitHub Actions patterns for GitHub Merge Queues L
Planning for Unplanned Work in Linear HN
Moving from AWS to Bare-Metal saved us $230k per year HN
Running Redshift at Scale HN
Inko Programming Language HN
Bpftime: Userspace eBPF runtime for fast Uprobe and Syscall hook and Plugins HN
We've learned nothing from the SolarWinds hack HN
GitHub Actions Are a Problem HN
Serverless at Scale: Lessons from 200M Lambda Invocations HN
Weird debugging tricks the browser doesn’t want you to know HN
System Transparency: a security architecture for bare-metal servers HN
Texture Healing for Monospace Fonts HN
Cursorless is alien magic from the future HN
Monaspace HN
Ex-Kotaku staff go independent and launch Aftermath HN
Show HN: WireHub – easily create and share WireGuard networks HN
Show HN: Sshx, a web-based collaborative terminal HN
Ask HN: How would French police locate suspects by tapping their devices? HN
Spin 2.0 – open-source tool for building and running WASM apps HN
Charm has raised $6M in funding HN
From S3 to R2: An economic opportunity HN
Sentry: From the Beginning HN
Show HN: Streamdal – an open-source tail -f for your data HN
Should you use a Lambda Monolith, a.k.a. Lambdalith, for your API? HN
Migrating our backend from Vercel to HN
NixOS Reproducible Builds: minimal ISO successfully independently rebuilt HN
Supabase (YC S20) Is Hiring a Technical Product Marketer (Fully Remote) HN
Raven – CI/CD Security Analyzer HN
Elixir and Phoenix can do it all HN
US asks Qatar to 'turn down the volume' of Al Jazeera news coverage HN
Show HN: Pākiki Proxy – An intercepting proxy for penetration testing HN
Grammarly's OAuth Mistakes HN
Next.js 14 HN
Oxide: The Cloud Computer HN
I Won't Use Next.js HN
I think GCP is better than AWS (2020) HN
Show HN: Orbital – Dynamically unifying APIs and data with no glue code HN
Flawless – Durable execution engine for Rust HN
In the Works – AWS European Sovereign Cloud
Gittuf – a security layer for Git HN
Writerside – a new technical writing environment from JetBrains HN
1Password detects "suspicious activity" in its internal Okta account HN
Introducing MSW 2.0 HN
MSW 2.0 – Mock Service Worker HN
Ask HN: Was any Starfighter postmortem ever published? HN
Build farm visualizations L
Microsoft Account's OAuth tokens leaking via open redirect in Harvest HN
Hetzner does run a (MitM) proxy in front of my server HN
How to mitigate the Hetzner/Linode MitM interception incident HN
Encrypted traffic interception on Hetzner and Linode targeting Jabber service HN
Using Temporal to Scale Data Synchronization at PeerDB L
Just paying Figma because nothing else works HN
Linux runtime security agent powered by eBPF HN
Ask HN: Is anyone using Cloud Dev Environments (e.g. Codespaces/Replit) at work? HN
Ask HN: Is anyone using cloud dev environments (e.g. Codespaces/Replit) at work? HN
BPF Tailcalls HN
AI Graphics at JetBrains HN
Piped – An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube front end HN
Building cross-cloud identity federation in Go for secure data sharing HN
Invidious – An open source alternative front-end to YouTube HN
Ask HN: What is your experience with Nano-Hydroxyapatite toothpaste? HN
Cloudflare Sippy: Incrementally Migrate Data from AWS S3 to Reduce Egress Fees HN
Vercel employee used customer information to pursue a personal trademark matter HN
Google Cloud Spanner is now half the cost of Amazon DynamoDB HN
Buildkite has quietly removed their $9 "Team" plan HN
Ask HN: SaaS Founders, What 3 advice would you give your younger selves? HN
Introducing Pulumi ESC: Easy and Secure Environments, Secrets and Configuration L
The Tailscale Universal Docker Mod HN
Scaling Knative to 100K+ Webapps HN
Initial release of Incus, the LXD community fork HN
Looking back on SaaS product strategy HN
Ask HN: Sales Tips for Solo Devs HN
Rails 7.1 Released HN
OpenPubKey and Sigstore HN
2023 State of DevOps Report: Culture is everything
The Workflow Pattern HN
Show HN: Shuttle – Build and ship backends without writing infrastructure files HN
Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs HN
Pgroll: zero-downtime, undoable, schema migrations for Postgres HN
Dalle-3 Examples HN
Floorp – a customisable Firefox fork from Japan HN
Pg_branch: Experimental Postgres extension brings Neon-like branching HN
Goodbye integers, hello UUIDv7 HN
2023 DevOps Is Terrible HN
DKIM: Rotate and Publish Your Keys HN
Ask HN: SaaS pricing pages with high prices and not “contact sales” HN
Insomnium – Local, privacy-focused fork of Insomnia API client HN
MMO Architecture: Source of truth, Dataflows, I/O bottlenecks and how to solve HN
Burning money on paid ads for a dev tool – what we've learned HN
Docker Hub Registry timming out HN
Running Serverless Puppeteer with Workers and Durable Objects
macOS Containers v0.0.1 HN
Quadlets might make me finally stop using Docker-compose – Major Hayden HN
Ask HN: Is “Distributed CI” Possible? HN
Tell HN: There is a highlights page on HN HN
Choose Postgres queue technology HN
TypeScript NPM Packages Done Right HN
Semgrep: a static analysis journey L
Bottlerocket – Minimal, immutable Linux OS with verified boot HN
GitHub Actions could be so much better HN
Tailscale Kubernetes Operator HN
11 Principles for building and scaling feature flag systems HN
Generative AI's Act Two HN
Strada – Create fully native controls, driven by your web app HN
OpenTF renames itself to OpenTofu HN
LXD: Containers for Human Beings L
Show HN: Graphite – Stacked Diffs on GitHub HN
Creating a base OCI image for Nix flake builds within Gitea/Forgejo L
How FoundationDB works and why it works (2021) HN – discover all subdomains for a domain HN
Show HN: Hello Inbox – Free email deliverability checklist for marketers HN
We built the fastest CI and it failed HN
LogoScale – A method for vectorizing small, crappy logos HN
Bun v1.0.0 HN
Show HN: Rivet – open-source AI Agent dev env with real-world applications HN
PgBouncer is useful, important, and fraught with peril HN
Napi: Build compiled Node.js add-ons in Rust HN
Linux network performance parameters HN
How Vercel Shipped Cron Jobs in 2 Months Using Amazon EventBridge Scheduler
Browse Websites by Fonts HN – A Linter for Prose HN
Invariants: A Better Debugger? HN
Explaining the Postgres iceberg HN
Explaining The Postgres Meme L
Patterns with Rust Types HN
Things I wish I knew before moving 50K lines of code to React Server Components HN
Show HN: Flake schemas – teaching Nix about your flake outputs HN
Docker Is Four Things HN
HashiCorp silently amend Terraform Registry TOS HN
Lightweight Virtualization: Libkrun, Vsock, Metallize HN
Hacking the LG Monitor's EDID HN
Applying SRE Principles to CI/CD HN
OpenTelemetry in 2023 HN
Helm-Compose – The Docker-compose like tool for K8s development HN
Why WhatsApp Was Able to Support 50B Messages a Day with 32 Engineers HN
OpenTF Announces Fork of Terraform HN
FreeBSD on Firecracker HN
FreeBSD on Firecracker L
AI Real-Time Human Full-Body Photo Generator HN
PostgreSQL Lock Conflicts HN
Godly – Astronomically good web design inspiration HN
Show HN: Points and Miles Database HN
Show HN: FlakeHub – Discover and publish Nix flakes HN
Switching from Chrome to Firefox HN
Podman Desktop celebrates 500k downloads HN
Kris Nova passed away HN
Show HN: Rivet – Open-source game server management with Nomad and Rust HN
System Initiative: remove the papercuts from DevOps work HN
Mercury Weather: A Crystal Clear Design for Every Apple Device
Show HN: Run globally distributed full-stack apps on high-performance MicroVMs HN
Show HN: Repo with a list of 80 decent companies hiring remotely in Europe HN
Requiring ink to scan a document–yet another insult from the printer industry HN
We reduced the cost of building Mastodon at Twitter-scale by 100x HN
Show HN: Layerform – Open-source development environments using Terraform files HN
Microsoft Docker Development Container Templates HN
My $0->$100M->$0 in 5 years story HN
Aurora I/O optimized config saved 90% DB cost HN
Show HN: Infracost (YC W21): Be proactive with your cloud costs HN
Amazon has more than half of all Arm server CPUs in the world HN
Supabase Local Dev: migrations, branching, and observability HN
PackagingCon – a conference only for software package management HN
PackagingCon – A conference only for software package management HN
LCD, Please – de-make of “Papers, please”, celebrating 10 years since launch HN
Show HN: Blueprint for a distributed multi-region IAM with Go and CockroachDB HN
The SEO scam: $62,000 later HN
Incus, a community fork of LXD, now part of Linux Containers HN
Postgres Language Server HN
GitHub Actions and Vanity Metrics HN
Virtualizing Development Environments in 2023 HN
Virtualizing development environments in 2023 HN
Show HN: Hydra 1.0 – open-source column-oriented Postgres HN
Meta Open Sources AudioCraft: Generative AI for Audio HN
Hardening Workers KV
So, you want to deploy on the edge? HN
Serverless Functions Post-Mortem L
New – AWS Public IPv4 Address Charge + Public IP Insights
Show HN: Envoy playground in the browser HN
Building and operating a pretty big storage system called S3 HN
Advice for Operating a Public-Facing API HN
Using Workforce Identity Federation with API-based web applications Postgres cluster down for 3 days, no word from them about it HN
LinkedIn adopts protocol buffers and reduces latency up to 60% HN
K9s: A lazier way to manage Kubernetes Clusters HN
AWS Fargate Enables Faster Container Startup using Seekable OCI
Kata Containers: Virtual Machines that feel and perform like containers HN
Ask HN: How to price your first Enterprise customer? HN
Lies, damned lies: debunking Cloudflare’s recent performance tests HN
Debunking Cloudflare’s recent performance tests (2021) HN
Show HN: Open-source IAM Ory Kratos v1.0 with Passkeys, MFA and multi-region HN
Figma Is a File Editor HN
Istio moved to CNCF Graduation stage HN
Inngest raises $3M seed to build the reliable workflow platform for every dev HN
Commit Mono – Neutral programming typeface HN
HTTP vs. WebSockets: Which one is the fastest for Postgres queries at the edge? HN
mirrord as an alternative to Telepresence L
SUSE is forking RHEL HN
MicroVM by QEMU HN
Feature Flags: Theory vs. Reality HN
EdgeNode: Deploy Serverless Containers on Edge HN
We replaced Firecracker with QEMU HN
InfluxDB Cloud shuts down in Belgium; some weren't notified before data deletion HN
The $5 Plan HN
PlanetScale Scaler Pro HN
Fastmail 30 June outage post-mortem HN
DigitalOcean acquires Paperspace (YC W15) for $111M in cash HN
Cloud Native Software Engineering HN
June 25th, 2023 Deno Deploy Postmortem HN
Windows 11’s AI-powered Copilot (and its Bing-powered ads) enters public preview
Scaling Linear's Sync Engine HN
Noticing when an app is only hosted in us-east-1 HN
Show HN: Serverless VPN, pay as you go, unlimited devices, no subscriptions HN
Fast machines, slow machines HN
How not to write a pipeline HN
Docker Acquires Mutagen HN
InfluxDB 3.0 System Architecture HN
Wolfi: A community Linux OS designed for the container and cloud-native era HN
Cloud, Why So Difficult? HN
Testing a 1,000 player Minecraft server with Folia HN
Build Your Own Docker with Linux Namespaces, Cgroups, and Chroot HN
The Magic Nix Cache, a GitHub Action for speeding up your Nix workflows HN
Launch HN: Argonaut (YC S21) – Easily Deploy Apps and Infra to AWS and GCP HN
Working with Docker Containers Made Easy with the Dexec Bash Script HN
Why Google Zanzibar shines at building authorization HN
Launching subdomains & arbitrary paths HN
“WebAssembly runtimes will replace container-based runtimes by 2030” HN
Red Hat cutting back RHEL source availability HN
System Initiative: Second Wave DevOps HN
I won't pay on your website HN
Render Raises $50M Series B HN
Show HN: Inngest – Developer platform for background jobs and workflows HN
Review of Hetzner ARM64 Servers and Experience of WebP Cloud Services on Them HN
London Underground Dot Matrix Typeface HN
Nvidia H100 and A100 GPUs – comparing available capacity at GPU cloud providers HN
Vercel's AI Accelerator HN
Migrating from Heroku to EKS HN
Mental Liquidity HN
Nix/NixOS S3 Update and Recap of Community Call HN
Apollo Back end just made public HN
Today I stumbled upon Microsoft’s 4K rendering of the Windows XP wallpaper
Apple Releases New Static Linker HN
Show HN: Dockerless, Elixir Web Application Using Podman and Plug HN
eBPF for Cybersecurity – Part 2 HN
Emulating PPC64 Inside Docker HN
eBPF for Cybersecurity – Part 1 HN
Crun: Fast and lightweight OCI runtime and C library for running containers HN
The NixOS Foundation’s Call to Action: S3 Costs Require Community Support HN
My Approach to Building Large Technical Projects – Mitchell Hashimoto HN
Zuckerberg unveils Meta’s newest VR headset days before Apple reveals its own HN
Show HN: Meltano Cloud (GitLab spinout) – Managed infra for open source ELT HN
OpenAPI v4 (aka Moonwalk) Proposal HN
Show HN: Open Fire Serverless CI HN
[Whitepaper] 9 Ways to Prevent a Supply Chain Attack on Your CI/CD Server
Deno 1.34: Deno compile supports NPM packages HN
Man Cures Acid Reflux By Eating Upside-Down HN
Microsoft enables booting PCs directly into cloud PCs HN
Ivory for Mac Review: Tapbots’ Superb Mastodon Client Comes to Apple Desktops and Laptops
Podman Desktop 1.0 HN
How to host your side-projects for free in 2023: from Auth to Database L
The best Mac client for Gmail users is now a 1.0 release with nifty new features
Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection New Trailer Showcases Difficulty Options, Auto Mapping, Improved Graphics, and More
Growing Up Alyssa HN
Polar Night HN
Benchmarking Intel, AMD and Graviton Using Erasure Coding Workloads HN
Dwgd: Docker WireGuard Driver HN
Solving Intermittent Cable Modem Issues HN
Debugging a FUSE deadlock in the Linux kernel at Netflix HN
Devex: What actually drives productivity HN
Workers Browser Rendering API enters open beta
Announcing Cloudflare Secrets Store
The Staff Engineer's Path – Book Review HN
Retro Computer Museum – Leicester, UK HN
Photomator for Mac HN
Show HN: Oblivus GPU Cloud – Affordable and scalable GPU servers from $0.29/hr HN
Brex’s Prompt Engineering Guide HN
High Performance Browser Networking HN
MacOS networkQuality HN
Setting up Hetzner ARM instances with and for Objective-S HN
Show HN: Automatic Domain Verification HN
Google passkeys are a no-brainer. You’ve turned them on, right?
A cryptocurrency company had a $65M bill, per Datadog’s Q1 earnings call HN
Htmx Is the Future HN
Next.js 13.4 HN
Prime Video Abandons Serverless Distributed Stack for Monolith, saves 90% HN
DevOps capabilities L
Vercel Service Markup HN
Show HN: Frogmouth – A Markdown browser for your terminal HN
The State of Serverless GPUs HN
OrbStack – Fast, lightweight Docker Desktop and Colima alternative for macOS HN
An Intro to SBOMs HN
I use Nix and make(1) to develop HN
Why People Aren't Deploying to Vercel Anymore HN
Ways to shoot yourself in the foot with PostgreSQL HN
Standardizing BPF HN – Business Intelligence as Code HN
Show HN: Open-source Auth0 alternative Ory Kratos v0.13 released – nearing v1.0 HN
Astral HN
Changes to Tailscale Pricing and Plans HN
DevOps Threat Matrix HN
Google Assured OSS L
Surpassing 10Gb/S over Tailscale HN
Hetzner Introduces ARM64 Cloud Servers HN
Tailscale Sucks HN
Swarm HN
Supabase Edge Runtime: Self-Hosted Deno Functions HN
What Archaeology Is Telling Us About the Real Jesus HN
Buck2: Our open source build system HN
Packet, where are you? – eBPF-based Linux kernel networking debugger HN
Engineering with Enclaves HN
Show HN: Hocus – self-hosted alternative to GitHub Codespaces using Firecracker HN
Using Tailscale without using Tailscale L
The PlanetScale GitHub Actions HN
Tailscale Funnel now available in beta HN
Self-Service SBOMs HN
Show HN: Open-Source Webhooks Gateway for Platform Engineers HN
Ubuntu stops shipping Flatpak by default HN
Docker-compose.yml as a universal infrastructure interface HN
When root on ZFS breaks on Arch Linux HN
Docker HN
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on Lex Fridman Podcast HN
Docker, Docker Inc., Docker Hub, and their relation to the broader world of containerization L
Podman Desktop: Same functionality as Docker Desktop but open source HN
Docker: We’re No Longer Sunsetting the Free Team Plan HN
Anime dating sim that also does your taxes HN
We updated our RSA SSH host key HN
Use the XDG Base Directory Specification HN
De-cloud and de-k8s – bringing our apps back home HN
MySQL for Developers HN
Building ClickHouse Cloud from scratch in a year HN
Docker’s Bad Week HN
20 Years of Nix HN
Warp AI – AI directly integrated into the terminal HN
Citymapper Joins Via HN
Show HN: Chainloop, A Software Supply Chain Attestation solution devs won't hate HN outage, recently deployed apps down, deployments disabled HN
Zed, the new code editor from Atom developers, has entered open beta HN
Modern Font Stacks HN
Elixir: Docker now charges open source orgs $300 HN
Docker is deleting Open Source organisations - what you need to know HN
Mountpoint – file client for S3 written in Rust, from AWS HN
Show HN: Modern Font Stacks – New system font stack CSS for modern OSs HN
Audiophile forum debating which versions of memcpy had the highest sound quality (2013) HN
Disambiguating Arm, Arm ARM, ARMv9, ARM9, ARM64, AArch64, A64, A78, ... HN
Oxy is Cloudflare's Rust-based next generation proxy framework HN
Launch HN: Defer (YC W23) – Zero-infrastructure background jobs for Node.js HN
Ahrefs Saved US$400M in 3 Years by Not Going to the Cloud HN
Flux Keyboard HN
Cachix 1.3: Nix uploads unleashed HN
Cachix 1.3: Uploads unleashed HN
Microphones HN
How we deploy faster with warm Docker containers HN
Remote Code Execution as a Service HN
Globally Distributed Elixir over Tailscale HN
Framework-Defined Infrastructure HN
Want an unfair advantage in your tech career? Consume content for other roles HN
GitHub Packages Is Down HN
Some notes on using nix
From Go on EC2 to HN
Serving 250k Developers with One Support Engineer HN
Deno 1.31: Package.json Support HN
Camouflaging autistic traits linked to internalizing symptoms anxiety depression HN
AI Companion Users Are in Crisis, Reporting Sudden Sexual Rejection HN
Launch HN: Depot (YC W23) – Fast Docker Builds in the Cloud HN
Show HN: We’re open-sourcing our session replay tool HN
Soylent Acquired by Starco Brands HN
Launch HN: Moonrepo (YC W23) – Open-source build system HN
Certainly: Fastly’s Own TLS Certification Authority HN
Passkeys for Infrastructure HN
Podman 4.4 HN
Show HN: The SaaS 2.0 Manifesto HN
Gitlab's Startup Acquisition Process HN
A Docker footgun led to a vandal deleting NewsBlur's MongoDB database (2021) HN
We cut our CI pipeline execution time in half HN
Bret Fisher – Awesome-Swarm HN
Homebrew 4.0.0 HN
Bigscreen VR announces Beyond: the world's smallest VR headset HN
Databases on Kubernetes is fundamentally same as a database on a VM HN
Ask HN: Are people considering moving off of HN
Podman vs. Docker: Comparing the two containerization tools HN
OnePlus unveils its first mechanical keyboard: Mac layout, custom switches
Microsoft announces new Bing and Edge browser powered by upgraded ChatGPT AI HN
How Cloudflare erroneously throttled a customer’s web traffic
The Flox Open Beta HN
Show HN: Database of every VC investment memo HN
Crafting container images without Dockerfiles HN
Protocol Labs is laying off 21% of staff (89 people) HN
Show HN: - Free firecracker-based full-stack hosting HN
15+ Epic Games To Play After The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Carving the scheduler out of our orchestrator HN
Hermes, an Open Source Document Management System HN
Weaponizing hyperfocus: Becoming the first DevRel at Tailscale HN
Becoming the first DevRel at Tailscale HN
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Release HN
AWS Purity Test HN
DevRel should be a process not a project HN
Development Containers HN
An Ideal CI/CD System L
Astro 2.0 HN
Kysely: TypeScript SQL Query Builder HN
Elastic, Loki and SigNoz – A Perf Benchmark of Open-Source Logging Platforms HN
Building Reliable Distributed Systems in Node.js HN
The building blocks of great docs HN
Show HN: Retool Mobile HN
Use cookies and sessions (not JWTs) for authentication HN
Sickcodes/Docker-OS X: Run macOS VM in a Docker HN
Docker 2.0 went from $11M to $135M in 2 years HN
Data pipelines are not workflows HN
Sourcehut will blacklist the Go module mirror HN
Weave your own global, private, virtual Zero Trust network on Cloudflare with WARP-to-WARP
A comprehensive guide for the fastest possible Docker builds in human existence L
Extreme questions to trigger new, better ideas HN
Setting Up a CI System Part 5: Time-sharing your test machines HN
Lessons learned from three container-management systems over a decade HN
EnterpriseReady HN
Ask HN: Main things to consider when building an app for business/enterprise HN
Podman in Action HN
Show HN: Devbase – Find products to make your next fantastic project HN
Artsy Engineering Handbook HN
Ask HN: Why are URNs not more popular? HN
Show HN: ClickHouse-local – a small tool for serverless data analytics HN
Yark: Advanced and easy YouTube archiver now stable HN
The YC Founder Directory HN
Ask HN: As a startup, what are your must-have sections for a landing page? HN
Rotate any secrets stored in CircleCI HN
CircleCI security alert: Rotate any secrets stored in CircleCI HN
Faster MySQL with HTTP/3 HN
Migrating from AWS to HN
You Should Watch This ‘90s Movie That’s Basically Just Cyberpunk 2077
You Want Modules, Not Microservices HN
Ask HN: A Better Docker Compose? HN
Interview with Benjamin de Cock, early designer at Stripe HN
Show HN: Lama2 - Plain-Text Powered REST API Client for Teams HN
Worker Tools: Tools for Writing HTTP Servers in Worker Runtimes HN
Product-led growth for dev-first business: Is it inevitable? HN
Phoenix 1.7 is View-less HN
Running fast and slow: experiments with BPF programs' performance HN
PRQL a simple, powerful, pipelined SQL replacement HN
Golang is evil on shitty networks HN
We Chose NanoIDs for PlanetScale’s API HN
Ask HN: What's a build vs. buy decision that you got wrong? HN
Acquia Cloud Next, a journey in platform modernization HN
Ask HN: What are you predictions for 2023? HN
AWS releases Finch: An open source client for container development HN
Let’s Get Geralt The Netflix Series Armor In The New Witcher 3 Quest
What's New in Bazel 6.0 HN
Devpod: Remote development environment at Uber HN
Reinventing backend subsetting at Google HN
DBT Cloud increase Team plan price by 100% and limit features at the same time HN
Tailnet Lock HN
A Faster Horse: Infrastructure was the cloud’s first act. What’s its second? HN
Edge-compatible Serverless Driver for Postgres HN
Show HN: Ezy – open-source gRPC client, alternative to Postman and Insomnia HN
CircleCI Layoffs HN
macOS Command Line HN
Configuring Your Outbound Webhook Requests with Static IPs HN
New Docker Desktop: Run WASM Applications Alongside Linux Containers in Docker HN
Framer's Magic Motion HN
VCs using scouts means founders get the short end of the stick HN
Pre-Auth RCE with CodeQL in Under 20 Minutes HN
Mona Sans and Hubot Sans HN
Android platform signing key compromised HN
Mozilla, Microsoft yank TrustCor's root certificate authority HN
Switching to AWS Graviton slashed our infrastructure bill HN
New General Purpose, Compute Optimized, and Memory-Optimized Amazon EC2 Instances with Higher Packet-Processing Performance
The Ultimate Guide to FFmpeg HN
Top Announcements of AWS re:Invent 2022
Startup Restructuring 101 HN
Act: Run your GitHub Actions locally HN
Finch: An open-source client for container development HN
Craft HN
Per-seat pricing is off the table now HN
Wasmer 3.0 HN
CVE-2022-41924 – tailscaled can be used to remotely execute code on Windows HN
Kite is saying farewell, and is open-sourcing all of its code. HN
Kite is saying farewell and open-sourcing its code HN
Tailscale with Avery Pennarun HN
Ask HN: What is example of good documentation in your opinion? HN
Hacker News Parody Thread HN
Use a custom domain to send emails with Gmail using Cloudflare email routing HN
Blazing fast CI with MicroVMs HN
Fast CI with MicroVMs HN Fast and reproducible developer environments using Nix HN
Doubling down on local development with Workers: Miniflare meets workerd
Show HN: A visual guide to Box Breathing HN
Tailscale Funnel HN
Awesome Node-Based UIs HN
The Cloudflare API now uses OpenAPI schemas
How PlanetScale Boost serves SQL queries faster HN
Taking off with Nix at FlightAware L
Ask HN: What are your “scratch own itch” projects? HN
Why does zsh start so slowly? HN
AWS IAM Roles, a tale of unnecessary complexity HN
GitHub is releasing two open-source fonts: Mona and Hubot Sans HN
Podman Desktop: A Free OSS Alternative to Docker Desktop HN
Affinity 2 HN
Let’s build a container runtime using only the chroot system call HN – An unofficial guide to the Rust ecosystem HN
Fast builds, secure builds. Choose two L
The Principles of Pricing HN
Principles of Pricing HN
Almost monospaced: the perfect fonts for writing HN
eBPF – Adding functionality to OS at runtime to achieve performance and security HN
Tales from the Kernel Parameter Side HN
Blip: A tool for seeing your Internet latency HN
Show HN: – Terraform for Stripe HN
Rewind: The Search Engine for Your Life HN
Is My Package Reproducible Yet? HN
Gorgeous Retro Soulslike RPG Looks Just Like Octopath Traveler
Show HN: FFmpeg Command Visualizer and Editor HN
Protobuf-ES – Implementation of Protocol Buffers for TypeScript and JavaScript HN
Making an SSH client the hard way HN
VHS: Your CLI home video recorder HN
VHS: CLI home video recorder HN
IOx: InfluxData’s New Storage Engine HN
Cloudflare CDN Partial Outage HN
Curious Case of Maintaining Sufficient Free Space with ZFS HN
Maintaining sufficient free space with ZFS HN
Introducing gRPC observability for microservices
Identity management for WireGuard networks HN
Identity management for WireGuard HN
Fine-grained personal access tokens for GitHub HN
Show HN: Filesystem Watcher HN
Jetstack Paranoia: A New Open-Source Tool for Container Image Security HN
TOTP for 2FA is incredibly easy to implement. So what's your excuse? HN
On Bypassing eBPF Security Monitoring HN
How and Tailscale Saved Notado HN
Being on a Board as an Employee HN
Ask HN: How to Learn to Sell? HN
A possibly new way of drawing boxes in the terminal HN
Everything I wish I had known about raising a seed round HN
Show HN: We built a tool that automatically generates your API Tests HN
Assembly within! BPF tail calls on x86 and ARM
Show HN: Reflame – Deploy your React web apps in milliseconds HN
The Future of the Web Is on the Edge HN
Using a Docker registry as a distributed layer cache for CI HN
Show HN: Depot – fast, remote Docker container builds HN
Modern Serverless Job Schedulers HN
Leading venture capital firms to provide up to $1.25 BILLION to back startups built on Cloudflare Workers
If SaaS Products Sell Themselves, Why Do We Need Sales? HN
Ignite – Use Firecracker VMs with Docker images HN
Isolates, microVMs, and WebAssembly HN
Cross Region Unikernels at the Edge HN
Bytebase: 20-Person Startup, 30 SaaS Services, and $1,183 Monthly Bill HN
SaaS services behind a startup HN
Show HN: Open-Source Intercom with Help Center HN
GitHub Actions Pitfalls HN
GCP, AWS, and Azure ARM-based server performance comparison HN
Ezno: a new TypeScript compiler HN
Pingora, the proxy that connects Cloudflare to the Internet HN
When to use Bazel? HN
A development process startup founders should use to ship features weirdly fast HN
Serving a high-performance blog website from memory only, using Rust HN
Optimising Docker Layers for Better Caching with Nix (2018) HN
Our five failed YC applications and one successful one HN
Defeating eBPF Uprobe Monitoring HN
Attacking Firecracker: AWS' MicroVM Monitor Written in Rust HN
Fresh 1.1 – automatic JSX, plugins, DevTools, and more HN
My VM is lighter (and safer) than your container (2017) HN
The YC Summer 2022 Batch HN
Riff, automatically provide external dependencies for Rust projects HN
Show HN: Draw Anything – A Simple Stable Diffusion Playground HN
We want to make Nix better HN
In Praise of QEMU HN
Cloudflare's abuse policies & approach HN
JavaScript hydration is a workaround, not a solution HN
Acorn: A simple application deployment framework for Kubernetes HN
Built-in container support for the .NET SDK HN
Developer Experience Infrastructure L
Ask HN: Should I checkmate my employer? HN
A toolbox for a secure software supply chain HN
Devbox: Instant, easy, and predictable shells and containers HN
Show HN: Devbox – Easy, predictable shells and containers HN
SSH commit verification now supported HN
Show HN: Crawlee – The web scraping and browser automation library for Node.js HN
Parsing SQL HN
Show HN: Largest collection of pitch deck, videos and memos to fund my education HN
Ambient Scotrail Beats – Relax to Scottish train announcements over low-fi beats HN
The PlanetScale serverless driver for JavaScript HN
Show HN: I spent a year designing a low profile, minimal mechanical keyboard HN
I spent a year designing a low profile, minimal mechanical keyboard HN
Nixpacks takes a source directory and produces an OCI compliant image HN
Hooking Go from Rust - Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Go-laxy L
When docker images stop being portable L
Tup – an instrumenting file-based build system HN
Timelock Encryption made possible and easy to use HN
How Discord supercharges network disks for extreme low latency HN
Big Changes Ahead for Deno HN
Why use Paxos instead of Raft? HN
Solo developer startups to $5k MRR HN
Faster Protocol Buffers HN
DragonFlydb: Cache Design HN
Krunvm – Create MicroVMs from OCI Images HN
Ideas for DataScript 2 HN
Direct host system calls from KVM L
Kubernetes Statefulsets Are Broken HN
Fully Dockerized Linux kernel debugging environment HN
Podman 4.2.0 HN
Can Applications Recover from Fsync Failures? HN
Developer Experience Funnel L
Some notes on DynamoDB 2022 paper HN
Stateless Kubernetes overlay networks with IPv6 HN
Minify your container by up to 30x to be more secure (free and open source) HN
You Can't Guarantee Webhook Ordering HN
Modus: A language for building Docker/OCI container images HN
How to raise seed capital for your startup | DigitalOcean
OpenVPN & WireGuard server at GitHub Actions: representative NAT traversal case HN
DALL·E 2 prompt book [pdf] HN
Using Firecracker and Go to run short-lived, untrusted code execution jobs HN
Using Firecracker and Go to run short-lived, untrusted code execution jobs L
Bazel Repository Cache L
Docker and the OCI container ecosystem L
Show HN: Distributed SQLite on FoundationDB HN
Show HN: Chunk – Code sandbox for back-end devs HN
EdgeDB 2.0 HN
Aya: your tRusty eBPF companion HN
S3 isn't getting cheaper HN
A toy remote login server
Shipping Multi-Tenant SaaS Using Postgres Row-Level Security HN
Non-Obvious Docker Uses HN
Squashfs binary format HN
Xz format considered inadequate for long-term archiving (2016) HN
The audacious PR plot that seeded doubt about climate change HN
Vercel Build Output API: Infrastructure-as-Filesystem HN
Show HN: Pg_jsonschema – A Postgres extension for JSON validation HN
Hetzner to Offer First Arm-Based Dedicated Servers in Europe HN
Soft Deletion Probably Isn't Worth It HN
Using Apache Kafka to process 1 trillion inter-service messages
An ex-Googler's guide to dev tools HN
$9.99/Month HN
The slow march of progress in programming language tooling HN
Deno’s July 13th incident update HN
I deleted 78% of my Redis container and it still works HN
Microsoft open sources Salus software bill of materials (SBOM) generation tool HN
Show HN: Porting OpenBSD Pledge() to Linux HN
Show HN: Permify – Open-source authorization service based on Google Zanzibar HN
Replibyte – Seed your database with real data HN
Monitoring tiny web services HN
Oxide Builds Servers HN
The Visual Studio Code Server HN
SOC2: The Screenshots Will Continue Until Security Improves HN
Announcing support for WASI on Cloudflare Workers
Designing a Better Pricing Page HN
Bun: Fast JavaScript runtime, transpiler, and NPM client written in Zig HN
Show HN: Credentials dumper for Linux using eBPF HN
Kubernetes is a red flag signalling premature optimisation HN
macOS: App sandboxing via sandbox-exec HN
macOS: App sandboxing via sandbox-exec (2020) HN
The End of CI HN
rsync, article 3: How does rsync work? HN
Show HN: Beast – The Build System HN
You're Not Allowed to Have the Best Sunscreens in the World HN
Optimizing TCP for high WAN throughput while preserving low latency
Ask HN: How do you ensure everyone on the team is heard on Slack? HN
Ask HN: Where and how do you find your early adoptors? HN
Nixpacks beat Buildpacks by almost two minutes L
Improve Git monorepo performance with a file system monitor HN
Ask HN: What tools are you a 10/10 on? HN
Ask HN: What is your Kubernetes nightmare? HN
picosnitch: Monitor Linux network traffic per executable using BPF L
Pure: A static analysis file format checker HN
Ask HN: How to level up your technical writing? HN
How We built a $1M ARR open source SaaS HN
Whatever happened to SHA-256 support in Git? HN
Sometimes users prefer the less straightforward UX HN
Infrastructure SaaS – a control plane first architecture HN
Tailscale SSH HN
Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022 HN
Guide to Web Authentication HN
I Fucking Hate Jira HN
Sshfs Is Orphaned HN
SSO should be table stakes HN
The State of WebAssembly 2022 HN
Don't use Kubernetes yet HN
Cold Showers HN
Ask HN: Best Dev Tool pitches of all time? HN
Ask HN: Best dev tool pitches of all time? HN
CockroachDB's Consistency Model HN
Using web streams on Node.js
Select ’Hello, World’: Serverless Postgres Built for the Cloud HN
Fallout 5 Is Bethesda’s Next Game After Elder Scrolls 6, Will Probably Be Out By 2050
Heroku April 2022 Incident Review HN
The Developer's Guide to SaaS Compliance HN
Fresh – Next-gen web framework HN
Vetting the Cargo HN
Best Practices for Inclusive CLIs HN
Gitsign HN
The End of Localhost HN
Dhall: A Gateway Drug to Haskell HN
UX patterns for CLI tools L
Painless Desktop containers for everyday development HN
Docker is dead? Podman – an alternative tool? HN
Tell HN: Cloudflare prevents transfer-out of domains, sets to 'pendingdelete' HN
Ask HN: Docker vs simple DLLs? HN
Dragonflydb – A modern replacement for Redis and Memcached HN
The Story of Heroku HN
This Is As Close To A Real-World Escape Room As You'll Find
Everything that makes working with databases easier HN
System Font Stack HN
Are all popular APIs moving to Cursor based pagination? HN
FoundationDB Time Series Layer: Millions of writes/s in 2k lines of Go (2019) HN
Neon – Serverless Postgres HN
Ask HN: How can you buy high quality healthcare? HN
A Linux 5.10 patch has caused user-space regressions HN
Learnings from 5 years of tech startup code audits L
Magical SVG Techniques HN
Fly Machines: An API for Fast-Booting VMs HN
Show HN: Linen – Make your Discord community Google-searchable HN
Flightcontrol (YC W22) Is hiring a back end TypeScript engineer [Own-cloud PaaS] HN
Ask HN: What developer tools would you like to see? HN
Fd: A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find' HN
Show HN: HelloInbox – Ultimate email deliverability checklist and toolkit HN
Unfinished Business with Postgres HN
Why billing systems are a nightmare for engineers HN
Husky, Datadog's Third-Generation Event Store HN
My thoughts about (so far) and other newish technology I'm getting into HN
Request logging and web vitals for Vercel apps HN
Supercharging GitHub Actions with Job Summaries HN
How we deploy to production over 100 times a day L
Heroku: Core Impact HN The reclaimer of Heroku's magic HN
Why Did Heroku Fail? HN
Show HN: I built a service to help companies reduce AWS spend by 50% HN
Apple Maps location scan spikes WiFi latency every 60 seconds HN
Benchmarking Container Scaling on AWS HN
Eurovision Diaries HN
Separate Your Billing from Entitlements HN
Introducing Crane: Composable and Cacheable Builds with Cargo and Nix L
Apple Intentionally Disabled HiDPI on M1 Macs to Push 4K Monitors Sales HN
Startup Trail HN
Zero downtime migrations HN
Firecracker: Lightweight Virtualization for Serverless Applications (2020) HN
Postmark acquired by marketing firm ActiveCampaign HN
Postmark has been acquired by ActiveCampaign HN
Designing a Command Palette HN
Project Loom preview ships in JDK 19 HN
Fixing a MongoDB Replication Protocol Bug with TLA+ L
Brendan at HN
Ask HN: What are your favorite examples of elegant software? HN
I won free load testing HN
GitBOM: Enabling universal artifact traceability in software supply chains HN
Show HN: Recipes, Not Mommy Blogs HN
wharf: A protocol to quickly transfer software builds (reference Go implementation) L
Why companies move off Heroku (besides the cost) HN
Ask HN: Do you find it challenging to talk to your users? HN
Non-interactive Elements with the inert attribute HN
Effective Go HN
Nix flakes, and how to convert to them L
Free Open Source Tailwind CSS Components HN
Show HN: M3O – Universal Public API Interface HN
Ask HN: Have you used SQLite as a primary database? HN
Crimes with Go Generics HN
TUI in webapp design language(CSS) and pattern(check the demo, it’s next level) HN
How Nix and NixOS Get So Close to Perfect HN
TypeScript and Set Theory HN
Nixery – Docker images on the fly with Nix HN
Ask HN: I burned out but I don't want to let my team down HN
The Missing Kubernetes Type System HN
Heroku Security Incident HN
Migrating from SQLite to PostgreSQL HN
Cultural Anorexia: The Pursuit of Thicker Desires in a Thinning World HN
Facebook open sources Lexical, an extensible text editor library HN
The most popular chess streamer on Twitch HN
Tokyo’s Manuscript Writing Cafe won't let writers leave until they are finished HN
A list of new(ish) command line tools – Julia Evans HN
Protect domains that do not send email HN
Ask HN: Editing remote code locally: Best practices? HN
Ask HN: Have you had any real benefits from apps like Headspace, Fabulous, etc.? HN
Mutagen – Cloud-based development using your local tools HN
Things we did not do while reaching $2M ARR HN
We don’t use a staging environment HN
A Database for 2022 HN
A database for 2022 HN
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Why we chose NanoIDs for PlanetScale's API L
How we secure Monzo's banking platform HN
How I operated as a Staff engineer at Heroku HN
Dagger: a new way to build CI/CD pipelines HN
React v18.0 HN
A magical AWS serverless developer experience HN
Show HN: Wachy – A UI for eBPF-based performance debugging HN
`COPY –chmod` reduced the size of my container image by 35% HN
Master Styles – The First Virtual CSS Engine HN
Show HN: Postgres.js – Fastest Full-Featured PostgreSQL Client for Node and Deno HN
It’s fine, Rewind: Revert a migration without losing data HN
Tea – the toolkit that builds the Internet HN
Dum: An NPM scripts runner written in Rust HN
HTMLInputElement ShowPicker() HN
Windows needs a change in priorities HN
eBPF Nuances on Minikube HN
How to make Docker images even smaller HN
Speed boost achievement unlocked on Docker Desktop 4.6 for Mac HN
How our free plan stays free HN
How to Learn Nix HN
Solito – React Native and Next.js unified HN
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The Future of Kubernetes HN
The Legal Implications of Remote Working Cross-Border HN
Mastering the Docker Cache HN
My Experience Working and Living in China HN
Show HN: World’s first £3 flat fee (0% FX markup) money transfer service HN
Show HN: Berkeley Mono Typeface HN
How much do founders pay themselves? A European data set HN
Ask HN: Books you should read when you transform from SWE into SWE-Management HN
OrioleDB – solving some PostgreSQL wicked problems HN
How Bytebase uses Render – to improve dev workflow HN
The Buf CLI, an all-in-one tool for Protobuf development, has reached v1.0 HN
The Best Gear In Horizon Forbidden West (And Where To Find It)
What I learned running a SaaS for a year HN
How we use Notion as a startup HN
FBI sounds alarm as QR code usage soars HN
Production ready eBPF, or how we fixed the BSD socket API
Building for the 99% Developers HN
An open letter to the Temporal user community HN
Current MFA fatigue attack campaign targeting Microsoft Office 365 users HN
1Password for SSH and Git HN
Ask HN: What made your business take off that you wish you'd done much earlier? HN
A Hairy PostgreSQL Incident HN
Show HN: EdgeDB 1.0 HN
Postgres Constraints for Newbies HN
Our User-Mode WireGuard Year HN
Single dependency stacks HN
Ask HN: What's your solution for SSL on internal servers? HN
Atlas – A Database Toolkit HN
Routed Gothic Font HN
Why and How I Got My Own ASN HN
Show HN: Just Launched an App for Dads HN
Why and how I got my own ASN L
Speeding up LXC container pull by up to 3x HN
Northflank – Simplifying application deployment to cloud platforms HN
“Y Combinator is not worth it” HN
Why do startups hire so many people? HN
Ask HN: Hacker claimed ownership and then deleted my Facebook Page of 50k users HN
Run Ordinary Rails Apps Globally HN
A bug lurking for 12 years gives attackers root on every major Linux distro
Paul Giamatti broke the California wine industry HN
Zlib – a spiffy yet delicately unobtrusive compression library HN
Charm – tools to make the command line glamorous HN
My self-hosting infrastructure, fully automated HN
Atlas – Terraform but for Database Migrations HN
Tricking PostgreSQL into using an insane, but faster, query plan HN
PostgreSQL query performance bottlenecks HN
Why I Enjoy PostgreSQL – Infrastructure Engineer's Perspective HN
Real-world stories of how we’ve compromised CI/CD pipelines HN
Mozilla's Firefox Relay to be added to disposable-email-domains blacklist HN
Five Years a [Bootstrapped] Founder HN
A Workers optimization that reduces your bill
They Still Haven't Told You HN
Losing our product to button syndrome HN
Mullvad: Diskless infrastructure using stboot in beta HN
Ask HN: Why isn't there a backlash around charging for security features? HN
Switching to a four-day workweek (2021) HN
YC’s $500k Standard Deal HN
Give me /events, not webhooks HN
Optimizing Docker image size and why it matters HN
Notes on BPF and eBPF HN
Why I'm Using HTTP Basic Auth in 2022 HN
The Modern Guide to OAuth HN
What Is Engineering Enablement HN
Benthos, the Swiss Army knife of stream processing, reached 100 contributors L
Ask HN: What’s the Most Outrageous Belief You’re Confident Is True? HN
How to Talk About Autism Respectfully HN
Ask HN: What are some good rust code to read to learn the language? HN
Ars Technica’s top 20 video games of 2021
The Container Throttling Problem HN
The Cost of Cloud HN
Typejuice: Docs generator for .d.ts files inspired by godoc HN
ADHD Accommodations Guide HN
Tinyssh HN
Tuple: Pair Programming Tool for macOS HN
Lottie – Use after effects animations in web and native apps HN
Ask HN: Recommended Domain Registrars? HN
Display-switch: Turn a $30 USB switch into a full-featured multi-monitor KVM HN
Postgres is a great pub/sub and job server (2019) HN
SaaS Pricing Manifesto HN
Ask HN: How do you manage direct updates to databases in a production system HN
Plans you're not supposed to talk about HN
Ask HN: Long-form info-dense videos on YouTube you would recommend to anyone? HN
Buf raises $93M to deprecate REST/JSON HN
Curiosities in Vinyl HN
You Can't Buy Integration HN
Google 20% time volunteers have been rewriting the ITA Matrix flight search app HN
Anti-patterns when building container images HN
Event Sourcing Is Hard HN
PostgREST v9.0.0 HN
4x Smaller, 50x Faster HN
Introducing Karpenter – An Open-Source High-Performance Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler
Fleet, a Lightweight IDE from JetBrains HN
Code with Engineering Playbook HN
Ask HN: Tips on Sysadmin Job HN
Show HN: Open-Source Auth for NextJS / React HN
Overengineering can kill your product HN
This is how Disney parks’ Fastpass spun completely out of control
Our fundraising learning post-YC HN
I’m leaving London for NYC and taking my tech startup HN
Ask HN: Great tools for solo SaaS founders? HN
Ask HN: What makes a good engineering blog? HN
Ask HN: What are you using for public documentation these days? HN
Hop: Faster than unzip and tar at reading individual files HN
Apple Business Essentials HN
Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features HN
Show HN: Insomnia-like client for SQLite HN
Ask HN: Who's not sucky to work for? HN
Faster Mac dev tools with custom allocators HN
The Codeless CTO HN
Postgres audit tables saved us from taking down production HN
We Built a Cross-Platform Library with Rust HN
Building a Multi-Region Service Mesh HN
How not to blow up the production database HN
Lynis - Security auditing tool for Linux, macOS, and UNIX-based systems L
Container security best practices: Ultimate guide HN
Secretive: An app for storing and managing SSH keys in the Secure Enclave HN
Ask HN: Solo-preneurs, how do you DevOps to save time? HN
Things I’ve learned in my 20 years as a software engineer HN
Lessons learned from sharding Postgres at Notion HN
SpiceDB Is Open Source HN
Boring SEO guide for the non-lazy HN
Masked Email from Fastmail and 1Password HN
Gravity Falls writer Shion Takeuchi on her latest creation: Netflix’s Inside Job
We killed our end-to-end test suite HN
AWS SIGv4 and SIGv4A – How AWS signs and verifies API requests HN
The ultimate SaaS template HN
Show HN: Motion One, the Web Animations API for Everyone HN
The pitfalls of using SSH-agent, or how to use an agent safely HN
How to add ISSN metadata to a web page HN
Tracing SSL/TLS connections using eBPF HN
Developer, you may need a co-founder in marketing HN
Use of eBPF in CPU Scheduler HN
AWS federation comes to GitHub Actions HN
Docker compatible open source: Containerd nerdctl HN
Fast Rust Builds HN
Do psychedelics make you liberal? Not always HN
Ask HN: Companies of one, what is your tech stack? HN
API Tokens: A Tedious Survey HN
Ramp raises $300M HN
Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide HN
Show HN: – pair programming with low-latency, Screenhero-style sharing HN
The US should be held accountable: Gitmo survivor on the war on terror’s failure HN
Sigstore – A new standard for signing, verifying and protecting software HN
A thorough introduction to bpftrace HN
Show HN: Hookdeck – an infrastructure to consume webhooks HN
New in Git: switch and restore HN
Verifiable Supply Chain Metadata for Tekton L
Show HN: Earthly – Better Builds HN
Runway – Create Impossible Video HN
How to add eBPF observability to your product HN
Show HN: Pandoc Markdown CSS Theme HN
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More Husband Than Female HN
An Unbelievable Demo HN
Auditing Io_uring HN
Drunk Post: Things I've Learned as a Sr Engineer HN
Boring Avatars – react library to generate custom avatars HN
On Establishing a Cloud Security Program HN
PlanetScale – Database for Developers HN
Ask HN: Desperately need “sales for nerds” advice HN
Apple Music Announces Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio HN
5 things I learned while developing a billing system L
I was an astrologer – here's how it really works HN
Smithy: A language for defining services and SDKs HN
Stack Overflow switches to system fonts on May 10, 2021 HN
Stack on a Budget – A collection of services with free tiers HN
Scaling Monorepo Maintenance at GitHub HN
Our Journey Towards Cloud Efficiency HN
KeyDB CEO Interview: Getting into YC with a Fork of Redis HN
JavaScript Tooling Not in JavaScript HN
Word usage guidance and alternative terms HN
Ask HN: How do you run better meetings? HN
Ask HN: Considering colocated hosting over cloud, what should I know? HN
Listing the contents of a remote ZIP archive, without downloading the entire file L
Product-Led Is Just as Bad as Sales-Driven HN
Reducing Rust Incremental Compilation Times on macOS by 70% HN
Thanks for the Bonus, I Quit HN
Docker without Docker HN
We scaled the GitHub API with a sharded, replicated rate limiter in Redis HN
The Architecture of a One-Man SaaS HN
Behind GitHub’s new authentication token formats HN
My experience releasing 3 failed SaaS products HN
The deck we used to raise our seed HN
Developer tools can be magic but instead collect dust HN
How GitHub Actions renders large-scale logs HN
Crazy fast build times, or when 10 seconds starts to make you nervous (2012) HN
How to price your SaaS product HN
The Y Combinator Experience – Remote Edition HN
Why are tar.xz files 15x smaller when using Python's tar compared to macOS tar? HN
Slonik: A PostgreSQL client with strict types, detailed logging, and assertions HN
Speed Is the Killer Feature HN
Awesome CTO HN
Second Citizenships, Residencies, and/or Temporary Relocation HN
Managing Staff-Plus Engineers HN
Ask HN: Is “contact us for pricing” a dark pattern? HN
11 best movies new to streaming to watch in February
Don't Offer a Free Plan HN
Software engineering topics I changed my mind on HN
Ask HN: Which companies work like Gumroad? HN
Show HN: Compiled, buildtime atomic CSS in JavaScript and all your favorite APIs HN
SaaS We Happily Pay For HN
Show HN: Simple-graph – a graph database in SQLite HN
Tales of the Autistic Developer - The Expert L
Toolchains as Code L
Announcing Volta 1.0.0 L
Show HN: I wrote a book on implementing DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing HN
Jetbrains founders turn billionaires without VC help HN
Papers I love: gg L
CLI Guidelines – A guide to help you write better command-line programs HN
pg-shortkey: YouTube-Like Short IDs as Postgres Primary Keys HN
Attention K-Mart Shoppers: Piped Music Collection on the Internet Archive HN
An ex-Googler’s guide to dev tools HN
Topology-Aware Service Routing on Kubernetes with Linkerd HN
How to Run a Database on AWS with Better Performance and Lower Cost HN
Serverless load balancing with Terraform: The hard way
Why AWS loves Rust, and how we’d like to help HN
Tips for Performant TypeScript HN
Enterprise UX Design: Make me think HN
Guide to OOMKill Alerting in Kubernetes Clusters HN
The Tech Stack of a One-Man SaaS HN
Oxford University breakthrough on global COVID-19 vaccine HN
Startups: The Beginning HN
The Vale Programming Language HN
New binary artifact management tool HN
PostgREST: REST API for any Postgres database HN
Dev Fonts HN
TypeScript 4.1 HN
TailwindCSS v2.0 HN
macOS Icons HN
Git is too hard HN
Show HN: I created a user interview template HN
How and when to acquire SaaS users HN
PostgreSQL psql command line tutorial and cheat sheet HN
How do you write simple explanations without sounding condescending? L
Durable Objects in Production HN
SaaS Needs a Single Point of Purchase HN
Show HN: Find GitHub Users' Email Address HN
Redpanda – A Kafka-compatible streaming platform for mission-critical workloads HN
Koyeb Serverless Engine: Docker Containers, Continuous Deployment of Functions HN
Netlify for the frontend, Micro for the backend HN
Physicists Pin Down Nuclear Reaction from Moments After the Big Bang HN
Postgres Observability HN
Alexey Lesovsky: Interactive new look for PostgreSQL Observability
Startups that have hit more than $1K MRR in about 12-24 months HN
Architecture Playbook HN
PostgreSQL Configuration for Humans HN
gRPC on Node.js with Buf and TypeScript HN
Over the Garden Wall composers release 6 new songs that were cut from the series
How not to SaaS – lessons from 2 years of building 3k MRR SaaS HN
Ask HN: How to effectively get feedback from users? HN
Microservices – architecture nihilism in minimalism's clothes HN
How to use skopeo to migrate off Docker Hub L
What does product market fit look for a B2B startup? HN
What's so about Postgres? (transcript) HN
VPN by Google One HN
FBI, DHS, HHS Warn of Imminent,Credible Ransomware Threat Against U.S. Hospitals HN
Designing for the Web, by Mark Boulton L
What Was Remote YC Like? HN
Evolving Reddit’s Workforce HN
The Rome Toolchain: A linter, compiler, bundler, and more HN
Six Lessons from Six Months at Shopify HN
YouTube-dl has received a DMCA takedown from RIAA HN
Pitch Launches HN
How Discord Won HN
Gravity is not a force – free-fall parabolas are straight lines in spacetime HN
Temporal: Build Invincible Apps HN
I deleted the production database by accident HN
Atlassian moves to cloud, going to stop selling server licenses HN
HashiCorp Waypoint HN
Terraform at Scale — Modualized Hierachical Layout L
Pg_stat_monitor – better insights into query performance in PostgreSQL HN
Is Hacker News a Good Platform to Launch Your Product? HN
Terraform at Scale HN
Cloudflare One HN
Rust After the Honeymoon HN
Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces Rook Graduation HN
Twilio Set to Acquire Cloud Customer Data Startup Segment for $3.2B HN
Amazon's Build System L
Ask HN: What are the pros / cons of using monorepos? HN
DOMPurify bypass: XSS via HTML namespace confusion HN
Why You Should Migrate your Heroku Postgres Database to AWS RDS L
How we built a $1m ARR SaaS startup HN
A Web of Trust for NPM HN
An Honest Review of Gatsby HN
The Danger of a Typo: An Investigation of Python and Typosquatting HN
Social Cooling HN
The SaaS website content you need to close sales HN
Ask HN: Technical skills helpful for building a startup today HN
Ask HN: How to learn sales? HN
SaaS Financial Model HN
Learning How to Learn Japanese HN
Pricing Low-Touch SaaS HN
Buying myself back
Old, Good Database Design HN
How we upgraded PostgreSQL HN
How I operated as a staff engineer at Heroku HN
Understanding OAuth2 and OpenID Connect HN
Kubernetes: Make your services faster by removing CPU limits HN
# of days since the last alg=none JWT vulnerability HN
Multi-Tenant Architectures HN
First tax year with Stripe Atlas HN
Cloudflare Package Repository Mirrors HN
Understanding Recursive Queries in PostgreSQL HN
One year of automatic DB migrations from Git HN
PostgreSQL’s New Join Type: LATERAL (2014) HN a Markdown resume L
Cold Showers: For when people get too hyped up about things HN
A React implementation of Spectrum, Adobe’s design system HN
Show HN: UI Playbook – A documented collection of UI components HN
Building a Developer Cult HN
AWS Copilot HN
Valve secrets spill over, including Half-Life 3, in new Steam documentary app HN
Unit Testing Is Overrated HN
Professor solves 240 computer science exam problems in 4 hours HN
Linear – A fast issue tracker HN
Running Postgres in Kubernetes [pdf] HN
Worrying about the NPM Ecosystem HN
A Guide to Hacker News for People Who Aren’t Men – Melissa Mcewen HN
Apple Acquires Fleetsmith HN
The Rise of Platform Engineering HN
Our deepest view of the X-ray sky HN
GitHub Super Linter: one linter to rule them all HN
She Built a Shady Guru’s YouTube Army. Now She’s His Fiercest Critic—But Who Will Believe Her?
Against Cop Shit HN
Facebook Helped Develop a Tails Exploit HN
George Floyd Protest – police brutality videos on Twitter HN
Blog: A Better Docs UX With Docsy
Fox News publishes altered and misleading images of Seattle demonstrations HN
Autism severity can change substantially during early childhood, study suggests HN
What every software engineer should know about Apache Kafka HN
Diagram as Code HN
Hideo Kojima’s Strange, Unforgettable Video-Game Worlds HN
Show HN: Layer – Get a dozen staging servers per developer HN
Distributed transactions are not microservices HN
Things I Wished More Developers Knew About Databases HN
Nippon Colors HN
How GOV.UK Notify reliably sends text messages to users HN
PostgreSQL's Imperfections HN
Gmailctl – Declarative Configuration for Gmail Filters HN
Editing FLAC Metadata with Meta for Mac
Ask Patrick McKenzie Anything HN
Building Spectro: a Real-Time WebGL audio spectrogram visualizer HN
Radiooooo – The Music Time Machine HN HN
Postgresql Search: From the trenches L
Mint: The programming language for writing single page applications HN
Things I Believe About Software Engineering HN
Things I Believe About Software Engineering L
Monoliths Are the Future HN
Typesense: Open-Source Alternative to Algolia HN
Ask HN: How do you currently solve authentication? HN
Unison: A Content-Addressable Programming Language HN
Dhall for Kubernetes L
Normalization of Deviance (2015) HN
Show HN: PostgreSQL Configuration for Humans HN
Security Architecture Anti-Patterns HN
JetBrains Mono: A free and open-source typeface for developers HN
What to do if you’re stopped by the police HN
Is SMS 2FA Secure? HN
Bees Argue HN
An investigation into the smartphone tracking industry HN
League of Legends quickly gaining on traditional sports in American popularity HN
Message DB: Event Store and Message Store for PostgreSQL HN
Writing web-based interactive fiction with Ink HN
Show HN: AI Dungeon 2, An AI generated text adventure built 1.5B param GPT-2 HN
Shibboleths that get you past the initial script stage HN
Ask HN: How do you deal with atomicity in microservice environments? HN
Pika – A JavaScript package registry for the modern web HN
Half-Life: Alyx HN
The Creepy Corridors of Video Games HN
We built network isolation for 1500 services HN
Getting Started with Security Keys HN
Just Delete Me – A directory of direct links to delete your account HN
Most Frequent 777 Kanji Give You 90.0% Coverage of Kanji in the Wild HN
Kubernetes Failure Stories HN
My Childhood in a Cult HN
Show HN: Yubikey guide for Git Signing, SSH Auth, U2F 2FA, and 1Password HN
Waffle House Vistas HN
An Office Designed for Workers with Autism HN
The Secret Facebook War for Mormon Hearts and Minds HN
Displaying Japanese and English Text on the Web HN
Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s young men out of their rooms [video] HN
Psychologists defend claim of “destructive aspects” to masculinity
Ask HN: How do you store photos and videos? HN
Sugar’s Sick Secrets: How Industry Forces Manipulated Science to Downplay Harm HN
Optician Sans – A free font based on the historical eye charts HN
Massive Fallout Mod New California Is Out Today
Show HN: Router7 – A pure-Go implementation of a small home internet router HN
The United States of Japan HN
Organic Food Has Pesticides, Too
'Christianity as default is gone': the rise of a non-Christian Europe HN
Adult Swim’s new music video for Run the Jewels’ Oh Mama is like a mini Rick and Morty episode
Here's What Nintendo's HQ Looked Like In 1889
A Cyberpunk Game Where You Manipulate People With Alcohol
Dolphins Show Self-Recognition Earlier Than Children HN
Ask HN: As an adult introvertish nerd what makes you happy? HN
Two genes in Chromosomes 13 and 14, linked to Homosexuality HN
The Beauty of Japan In Winter
Psychological and psychiatric terms to avoid HN
Doctors' plan for war on sugar HN
The sneaky allure of the Bachelor Instagram influencer
Lost Destiny symphonic album, complete with Paul McCartney, has totally leaked
Four Years Later, Destiny's Music Of The Spheres Has Leaked [UPDATE]
How to Outsmart Your Gross Body and Live Forever
Taking Children Seriously HN
Games Look Bad: HDR and Tone Mapping HN
How to Figure Out if You're in a Cult 
How to Identify a Cult, With Rick Alan Ross 
The Birth Of Japanese Arcades 
Japanese Vending Machines at Night Juxtaposed with a Wintry Hokkaido Landscape HN
Your Name's Anime Locations Compared With The Real-World Ones
Here’s a cool video tribute to Half-Life 2: Episode 3 by Anomalous Materials.
Evangelion Sneakers Are Surprisingly Tasteful
How to spot a psychopath HN
When it comes to internet privacy, be afraid, analyst suggests HN
A Cypherpunk's Manifesto HN
Half life 3 story released by Marc Laidlaw HN
Razer Gear Looks Really Nice In White
Anonymous LLC HN
Nier: Automata audio engineer Masami Ueda has written a cool blog post detailing how he implemented
Defense of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop offers case study on how to sell snake oil HN
Tokyo street fashion and culture: 1980 – 2017 HN
If You Liked Inside, You'll Like Black The Fall And Its Little Robot Dog Too
How I learned Japanese: Interview about habits and learning Japanese in Japan HN
Chiropractors are bullshit HN
Netflix Originals: Production and Post-Production Requirements v2.1 HN
A restored masterpiece unmasks Tokyo's underground gay subculture of the 1960s HN